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Recommended Permanent Cosmetics Aftercare (Eye Brow/Eye Liner)

1. If there is any swelling, apply an ice pack to the area for 5 to 10 minute sessions. Do not put ice directly on the eyes.

2. Apply recommended ointment or Vaseline gently with a cotton swab or Q-Tip 3 to 5 times a day for at least 1 week. Do not use your fingers. You may also use eye rinse or eye drops for the first day. Sleep on several pillows to keep your head elevated for at least the first two nights.

3. Keep area clean, but do not wash with soap for 4 days. You may carefully cleanse around the brows or eyelids in the morning by splashing warm water on the eyes. Do not rub skin vigorously when washing your face for at least 10 days.

4. Do not apply makeup to the tattooed area for at least 3 days. After 3 days, use a new tube of mascara to avoid secondary infection. Waterproof mascara is NOT permanent cosmetic friendly. If you must use it, wait at least a month after your follow-up visit. Also, make sure to use a gentle eye makeup remover.

5. Do not wear contact lenses during or immediately following the procedure.

6. Occasionally people will experience swelling or redness for 2 or 3 days. 1 in 25 people may even experience a light bruising which will disappear quickly.

7. Understand that your eyebrow color will be too dark for approximately 4 to 5 days. Do not try to remove the excess color with soap. This color will flake and fade to a beautiful, natural color if left undisturbed.

8. Do not apply makeup to the tattooed area for at least 3 days.

9. For several days after the procedure you may experience:

· Eyelashes sticking together in the morning

· Puffy eyes

· Light bruising near the eyelid area

10. Do not sun bathe without the use of sunglasses for 30 days.

11. Always wear sunscreen, a minimum of SPF30, whenever you are in the sun. Take special care to protect your eyebrows. Hair strokes will fadea faster than a solid brow fill, as do lighter colors. Fading is also dependent on your skin’s age and its ability to retain color. Although it is permanent, your color will fade over time. You must do your part to ensure long-lasting results.

12. Do not swim in pools or hot tubs for 30 days. If you must use a pool or hot tub, keep brow area as dry as possible and use a light coat of petroleum jelly/ointment on area before entering pool. The chlorine found in a swimming pool or hot tub may have a negative effect during your healing time.

13. Normal activity may be resumed at once. You may read or use your eyes as much as feels comfortable.

14. After approximately 3 days, you may feel itching. This does not mean you are allergic to the pigment, but the flaking process has started to take place. Icing the area for a few minutes, should alleviate this feeling. Apply recommended ointment thereafter.

15. Your eyebrow may feel tight or dry for up to a week after the procedure. Try to keep the area moist with a thin layer of Vaseline during this time and make sure to take extra care to protect the area from the sun. Scabs may occur if the area is allowed to dry out. To avoid secondary infection, please use a clean, moist Q-Tip to apply the Vaseline. Do not use your fingers. Apply the Vaseline several times a day for 7 to 10 days.

16. When permanent eyeliner or eyebrows begin to flake do not pick at the flakes. Allow them to flake naturally; early removal of pigment crust may result in areas with insufficient pigment. However, you may expect to lose 30% of the initial implanted color. All detail work, final color modifications and finishing touches are cleaned up in the second session.

17. Signs and symptoms of infection include, but not limited to, severe redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site. Discharge from site may be green/yellow in color and foul in odor.

Contact DEMI SATO and seek medical care if any signs or symptoms of infection develop.

Failure to follow post-treatment instructions may cause loss of pigment, discoloration or infection.

Remember, colors appear brighter and more sharply defined immediately following the procedure. As the healing progresses, color will soften. A touch-up procedure may or may not be necessary. Final results cannot be determined until healing is complete. If this is your original, first permanent makeup procedure, a free touch-up is provided within three months of the initial visit. Touch-up procedures must be made between 30-90 days following the procedure. Additional fees may apply for touch-ups after 90 days following the procedure. If necessary, an appointment for a touch-up can be made.



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